Outsourcing Services

Our outsourcing philosophy is to work with client as a business partner, uses our experiences and skills to enhance the client’s business value.


Numerous organizations are thinking about outsourcing as a vital alternative to use outside resources to perform exercises generally dealt with by interior staff. Even though the most well-known motivation to outsource is cost decrease but the outsourcing procedure may likewise prompt quicker turnaround time, increase proficiency and adequacy of tasks and exercises, diminishes risks and above all help the business to move its attention on doing more important exercises e.g. focusing on the expansion of business.

CABCS is Tier 1 organization having a blend of an improved and experienced group of experts and utilization of best in class innovations empowers it to convey devoted, fast, and financially savvy solutions. We offer the option of providing professional advice or a full-service option where we will do all the work for you:

CFO / Financial Controller / Finance Manager on Demand

Outsourcing your financial services augment the quality of business’s performance, as it will then be conducted by the business specialists, who are always updated with new industry regulations, technologies, threats to the business and its safeguards, resulting in;

  • access to professional expertise
  • access to better technology
  • shifting staff to more value-added activities of the business
  • rapid results by eliminating the learning curve
  • quick turnaround

On a diverse level, we provide services for the following critical needs:

Business Plans Creation

Feasibility Studies

Budgets & Forecasting

Selections of Accounting System

Accounting & Finance Manuals, Policies & Procedures

Feasibility Studies

Budgets & Forecasting

Selections of Accounting System

Business Structuring

Business Process Reengineering

HR / Payroll Management

HR / payroll management outsourcing services are combined to manage a whole range of functions that otherwise be delivered by multiple providers. These functions include everything from recruiting, enrolment, training, payroll processing, benefit plan management to administration. Our services can benefit;

  • reduced management cost
  • hassle-free administration
  • increased efficiency
  • reduction in administrative workload
  • security and confidentiality
  • accurate management and high-quality reporting

One of the major concerns of HR is to maintain the secrecy of employee’s sensitive data and confidentiality of management and business information. Our outsourcing services effectively ensure both secrecy and confidentiality. We assert legislative compliance and its implementation while keeping in consideration, every aspect that can affect rules of law due to day-to-day complexities of a running business which, if, are not being sorted out within a certain time frame, can create future impediments.

Payroll management

Funds disbursement and payslip distribution

Legislative Compliance




HR policy procedures manuals

Services for startups and early-stage

Starting your own business can be exciting, overwhelming, and even a bit daunting. CABCS can help you to set up your business on a solid foundation with the major component in place and well organized from day one.

Our local experience combined with the international experience ensures in providing hassle-free services to clients in any territory they want. Our suite of finance, accounting, tax, payroll, and HR services is designed to overcome the obstacles associated with your new venture, giving you peace of mind, realizing that we have made you agree with all principles and guidelines, with a top of the line answer for all your everyday operational needs.

We offer individualized services or advisory packages to fit your unique needs, schedule, and budget. Our business startup services include:

Business plans

Capital required

Business Structuring

Business incorporation

HR management

Accounting procedures

Risk & compliance

Digitalization of accounting and finance process

Digitization is the progressing of your bookkeeping and detailing archives and capacity from a conventional paper-based framework to an electronic configuration. Since it lessens procedure time and mistakes, helps income and improves straightforwardness on salary, digitalization helps business pioneers settle on better choices about how to lift business execution. It can likewise make an organization increasingly focused. We can support you in following key areas:

Implementation partner

Feasibility/viability report

Needs identification

Future road map

Gap analyses

Software selection

Implementation support

Quality assurance services